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MasterSeal® 731 - HDPE MEMBRANE

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MasterSeal 731 is an HDPE membrane with unique pressure sensitive adhesive and selected hard wearing mineral aggregates to enable good adhesion with concrete surfaces in chemical and mechanical bonds and becomes monolithic to the overlying layer of fresh concrete. MasterSeal 731 forms a unique integral seal around the concrete poured against it, prevents water ingress even under high hydrostatic pressure and prevents lateral water migration as well. MasterSeal 731 remains fully adhered to concrete (i.e. monolithic) helping retain its performance even when there is ground settlement beneath the slabs.



?  Fully Adhered to Poured Concrete – Prevents later water migration between concrete and membrane.

?  Unaffected by hydrostatic pressure – Can be used in high water table areas.

?  Unaffected by Contamination – Does not require any special protection during construction – can be easily cleaned with water and high-pressure air.

?  Simple and Easy to Install – Does not require special tools and welding techniques.

?  Chemically resistant – Can be used in all soil and sub-soil conditions, even if contaminated with salts.

?  Fully adhered watertight laps – Ensures water tightness.

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