Two Component Cementitious Waterproofing


SikaTop®-551 Seal (formerly Known As MasterSeal® 551)

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SikaTop®-551 Seal (formerly known as MasterSeal® 551) - Elastomeric acrylic reinforced cementitious, waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry​​

MasterSeal 551 is an elastomeric flexible, two component acrylic modified cementitious coating applied by brush, roller or trowel to waterproof concrete, masonry.

Recommended uses:

?What makes MasterSeal 551 a ?unique solution?

When cured, a 2mm thick MasterSeal 551 membrane shall accommodate movements up to 0.5?mm, or up to 1.2mm when reinforced with 100% virgin polypropylene woven fabric.? 

What are the features and benefits? of MasterSeal 551??


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