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ShaliSeal® PS GG

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ShaliSeal® PS GG

2K Gun Grade UV Resistant Polysulphide Sealant

ShaliSeal® PS GG is two component, polysulphide polymer based, UV resistant, flexible, tear resistant, rubbery, self-leveling, gun grade, non-staining sealant, which adheres to most of building materials like cementitious substrates, aluminum, glass, wood, mild steel etc. ShaliSeal® PS GG cures at ambient temperature, has excellent recovery characteristics after extended period of compression / elongation with outstanding resistance to most chemicals, weather conditions, aging and shrinkage. It conforms to BS 5212: 1990 Part I -Type F & Type FB (Flame and Fuel Resistant), IS 12118 Part 1 – 1987, BS:4254 and ASTM C 920. 

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