Two Component Cementitious Waterproofing


SikaTop®-109 Seal IN

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SikaTop®-109 Seal IN

High performance flexible acrylic cementitious waterproofing coating (Formerly SikaTop® Seal109 hi)

SikaTop®-109 Seal IN is an elastomeric, liquid applied, crack bridging, two part high performance acrylic polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating system with high degree of flexibility. It comprises of a liquid polymer and a cement based mix incorporating special admixtures. It is applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration, particularly in demanding applications and difficult environments.


Waterproofing applications for various structures such as:

Raw water concrete tanks, reservoirs, waste water tanks ▪

▪ Terraces, balconies, sunshades, etc.

▪ Flat and small roofs

▪ Basement and Retaining walls

▪ Swimming pools, fountains, water bodies, canals

▪ RCC gutters, drains and planter boxes

▪ Wet areas like toilets, kitchen, utility, sunk slabs

▪ Lift pits, sump, etc 

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