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Ultratech Mykrofill is an Injecting Grout for Pressure Grouting and Injection Applications in Concrete and Similar Structures. Mykrofill is Incorporated With High Quality Polymer Additives and Specialty Fillers. The Unique System Compensates for Plastic Shrinkage and Settlement in Properly Designed Cementitious Grout Reduced Water-cement Ratio in the Grout Mix Ensures Low Permeability and Long Term Durability in Service Gives High Fluidity, Thus Making Placement or Injection of Grout Easy No Metallic Iron Content to Corrode and Cause Staining or Deterioration Due to Rust Expansion in the Grout Composition Allows High Early Strength Development in Grouts, Without the Use of Chlorides No Need to Mix Cement, Direct Use With Addition of Water Reduces Errors in Dosages as Like Other Expanding Grout Admixtures Ultratech Mykrofill Can Be Used for All Types of Pressure Grouting/injections in Concrete or Similar Building Structures Which Need to Be Filled or Strengthened in Weak/honeycombed Areas.

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