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Waterproofing Treatment

We are among the pioneers in the industry, offering Waterproofing Services to our valuable customers. Our Services are delivered by expert professionals who provide valuable insights to the customers and offer feasible solutions. By availing these services, clients can enhance the safety of their facilities and function in an environment friendly manner. By utilizing cost effective insulation materials and innovative insulation systems, we enable everlasting effects for our clients.

Roof waterproofing is required to protect buildings and their contents from water damage caused by rain, snow and other forms of moisture. Water can seep into a building through cracks and gaps in the roof, leading to leaks, structural damage, and the growth of mold and mildew. Waterproofing the roof helps to prevent these issues and prolongs the lifespan of the building.

Waterproofing Services:

Terrace WaterProofing

We are offering a wide array of Terrace Waterproofing Service. Our professionals have the experience that helped them in offering this waterproofing service in the best possible way. Also, these waterproofing services are admired for the customization available, low price, client-centric approach, and quick execution.

Kitchen / Bathroom WaterProofing

Kitchen / Bathroom waterproofing is required to prevent water damage to the structural components of the building and to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth, which can negatively impact indoor air quality and cause health problems. Water can penetrate the walls, floors, and ceilings of a bathroom through gaps and cracks, and can cause damage to the underlying materials, such as wood and drywall.

Swimming Pool WaterProofing

Backed by a team of professionals, we are rendering Swimming Pool Water Proofing Services to our customers. These services are executed by the expert team with the following industry norms. Also, offered waterproofing services are admired for their reasonable prices, perfect execution, and client-centric approach.

Podium WaterProofing

Podium waterproofing is required to protect the structural components of a building's podium, which is the elevated platform that serves as the base for a building's foundation and supports its weight. Without proper waterproofing, water can penetrate the podium and cause damage to the underlying materials, such as concrete and steel. This can lead to structural instability and compromise the safety of the building.

Water Tanks WaterProofing

Concrete is less flexible and cracks over time. Repairing an existing water tank is a time consuming process and cause inconvenience to the residents. That’s why when doing water tanks waterproofing for new homes, you need the right solution. For this, you have to employ the right water tank waterproofing method using the right products.

Basement WaterProofing

Basement waterproofing is a crucial step in maintaining the structural integrity and safety of a building It prevents water from penetrating the foundation walls and basement floor of a building through cracks in basement, gaps around pipe, or even through the porous concrete, which can lead to structural issues and health hazards due to mold and mildew growth.

Termite Treatment

An anti-termite treatment is a pre-and post-construction chemical process that protects a structure against subterranean termites by treating the soil, masonry, wood, and electrical fixtures. In this article, we'll talk about anti-termite chemicals, pre and post construction treatment, preventative methods, safety and common products used for home treatment.

Anti-termite treatment is a chemical treatment performed on ground, brickwork, wood, and electrical fixtures before and after construction to offer a chemical barrier against subterranean termites. For the most part, subterranean termite treatment is accomplished by the use of liquid pesticide sprays that are injected or drenched into the soil.

Waterproofing Consultancy

The importance of a well-built building structure is often taken for granted until failures start to appear. These deficiencies can be minor or major, but the results are often catastrophic. This is why consultants play an important role in the waterproofing industry and may add in saving you money in the long run. They add an extra quality assurance check before construction or after a roof or deck fails.

The consultant may take on any number of roles in the waterproofing industry.

Pre-construction support: If you are in the position to hire a consultant during the design and waterproofing of your roof or deck, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this service. A roofing and waterproofing consultant will evaluate the proposed design of the structure to make sure it will be stable enough to withstand the elements. He or she will also perform stress tests, oversee the building process and provide quality oversight, thus ensuring the work of the contractor or architect has produced a dependable, secure, energy-efficient and waterproof roof.

Post-construction forensics: It is more likely that you’ll need a roofing and waterproofing consultant after your roof or deck is constructed if you didn’t hire one beforehand. This is because your original project did not have adequate oversight.